Installations and Locations of Public Art

Public art was in Malibu before the official incorporation of the City in 1991. Public art pieces in Malibu are made with a variety of materials and are placed all over the community. The goal of the recently passed Art in Public Places Ordinance is to bring more public art into Malibu and encourage businesses to include art or contribute to future public art installments. The selection of photos below includes a majority of public art currently installed throughout Malibu and is broken down into locations.  The list of art is not a complete list, but provides you with some basic information on a variety of installations.
  1. Legacy Park
  2. Malibu Bluffs Park
  3. Malibu Country Mart
  4. Malibu Racquet Club
  5. Other Locations
Title Medium Location Artist Created in Description
"Unknown Surfer" Bronze Legacy Park Jody Westheimer 2011 Dedicated to Surfrider Beach, which was recently named the first World Surfing Reserve
"Discovery" Bronze Legacy Park J. Seward Johnson, Jr. 2010 Freestanding sculpture based on a painting entitled "Water Boy," by Andrea Gaye
Mosaic Animal Sculptures Mosaic Legacy Park Robin Indar 2010 Coyote, Red-legged Frog, California Mountain King Snake, Burrowing Owl, Western Fence Lizard, California Newt, Red-tailed Hawk, and Western Toad
Cross Creek Road Tile Project Ground mounted mosaic Legacy Park Layout and tile design: Janine Waldbaum 2008 Mosaic made from over 400 hand painted tiles from the public
Unknown Bronze and tile mosaic Malibu Bluffs Park Unknown Unknown Freestanding stork sculpture and tile mosaic depicting a koi pond
"Cassie Brown Memorial Whale Watch Station" Stone Malibu Bluffs Park Terrie Bennett 1994 Whale tale bench
"Silent Song" African granite Malibu Country Mart Lew Wantanabe 1997 Freestanding rock sculpture
"Big Red" Red stainless steel Malibu Country Mart Ed Benavente 1996 Hammer man
"Leaf Blowers" Forged steel Malibu Country Mart Norman Grochowski Unknown Freestanding tree sculpture
"Chester the Jester" Bronze Malibu Country Mart Kimber Fiebiger Unknown Freestanding sculpture in a fountain
"All Together Now" Bronze Malibu Village Joseph Palumbo Unknown Three dancing sheep
"Executive Action III" Stainless Steel Malibu Village Ed Benavente 2005 Hammer man
"Qishi" Stainless steel and titanium Malibu Racquet Club Jeff Laudenslager 2010 Freestanding metal sculpture
"Mampoo" Granite with stainless steel Malibu Racquet Club Woods Davy 2003 Freestanding rock sculpture
"Contemplation" Black African granite Malibu Racquet Club Lew Wantanabe 2002 Freestanding rock sculpture
"Rhythmic Water Stone  Black African granite Malibu Racquet Club Lew Wantanabe 1993 Freestanding rock sculpture
"My World" Bronze Malibu Colony Plaza J. Seward Johnson, Jr. 1998 Little girl in overalls reading a book
"High Hopes" Galvanized steel Southwest corner of PCH and Webb Way Bret Price 2004 30 foot freestanding metal sculpture

In addition to the freestanding pieces of art located around the City, there are several murals in the following locations:

  • Location: Malibu Bluffs Park - Michael Landon Center
    Address: 24250 Pacific Coast Highway
    Mural Content: Malibu beach culture
    Artist: David LeGaspi and Lisa Semler

  • Location: Civic Center Stormwater Treatment Facility
    Address: Corner of Civic Center Way and Cross Creek Road
    Mural Content: the seven-piece mural features colorful skateboard riding endangered animals from every continent
    Artist: The project was lead by David Legaspi, and painted by a variety of youths in Malibu
    Created in: 2007

  • Location: The Malibu Inn
    Address: 22969 Pacific Coast Highway
    Mural Content: Malibu beach culture
    Created in: 2011

  • Location: Fish Grill
    Address: 22935 Pacific Coast Highway
    Mural Content: Fisherman

  • Location: Malibu High School
    Address: 30215 Morning View Drive
    Mural Content: Shark mascot and the ocean

  • Location: Malibu Elementary School
    Address: 6955 Fernhill Drive
    Mural Content: Ocean environment

  • Location: Various locations around Malibu, including Legacy Park, Trancas Park, Cross Creek, and Heathercliff
    Mural Content: Malibu Storm Drain Project
    Artist: Lindsay Carron