Malibu History
For decades, Malibu has been home to many exceptional artists.  The natural landscape and easy lifestyle has attracted a broad range of artists from around the world and across many disciplines.  The Malibu Arts Commission is working toward building an allied arts community, where artists and performers from various disciplines work together.  In the future, the Commission hopes to broaden support for the arts and to bring cohesion to the "arts community by establishing a world class Cultural and Performing Arts Center.  

In December 2010, the City Council created the Arts Task Force as the first step in strengthening the Malibu community through arts and culture. The purpose of the Task Force was to identify and understand the cultural arts needs of the Malibu Community. The Task Force was initially charged with identifying Malibu’s cultural assets, local artists and stakeholders to determine what needs should be addressed in a community based cultural arts program. The Task Force was also asked to create an inventory of artists, venues and art in public places which already exist in Malibu, as well as recommend spaces for future art. 

Upon completing their work, the Task Force presented the City Council with the “2012 Cultural Arts Report.” The report detailed the importance of developing Malibu’s cultural arts, as well as the value of engaging local artists and cultural arts organizations. The Task Force was committed to the belief that doing so would significantly benefit the people who live, work and visit Malibu.

In June of 2012, the City Council established the Cultural Arts Commission to address the recommendations presented in the 2012 Cultural Arts Report. The primary responsibility of the Commission is to research and advise the City Council on matters concerning policy for public art, placement of art in public places, art acquisition, fundraising for the arts, City sponsored events, educational opportunities and outreach to local artists and art based organizations. The Commission is also guides the City in developing a plan for the future of arts in Malibu.

In April of 2021, City Council approved the Commission's name change from the Cultural Arts Commission to Malibu Arts Commission (Ordinance No. 482). 

Malibu Historical and Cultural Resource Links

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