What is the City of Malibu doing to protect ASBS #24 and comply with state regulations?
The State Water Resources Control Board adopted a plan on March 20, 2012, officially called the "Special Protections," that provides more detail on how the waste discharge prohibition is to be applied in local communities. These protections specify what concrete actions must be taken to protect California's ASBS.

The protections require the elimination of nearly all non-stormwater discharges to the ASBS. The city applied for and received two grants from the state to install what are referred to as structural Best Management Practices (BMPs), or structural facilities that can catch and treat polluted runoff before reaching the ASBS. The city is in the process of designing and installing structural BMPs at storm drains on Wildlife Road and Whitesands Place in Point Dume and along Broad Beach Road. The structural BMPs will improve the water quality of stormwater runoff that drains to those catch basins, which will complement residents' efforts to stop non-stormwater runoff and comply with the Special Protections. The grant also funded the city's coastal preservation specialist position, a two-year position dedicated to conducting ASBS education and outreach with the Malibu community.

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