"The Journey is the Destination: Safari with Dan Eldon"

The Malibu Cultural Arts Commission begins 2018 with "The Journey is the Destination: Safari with Dan Eldon" art exhibit on Friday, February 2, 5:30 PM at Malibu City Hall.

The exhibit will be on display at Malibu City Hall from February 5 through May 31, 2018 and will feature over 25 limited edition prints from the journals of the artist, Dan Eldon.  Every piece has a direct reference to Eldon's safaris including prints, personal journals, handwritten letters and more.

Eldon's personal story has a photojournalist and activist, working to tell stories of war and famine, has been an inspiration to countless people since his death in Somalia in 1993.  This tragedy made headlines around the world - Eldon was 22 years old.  During his short life, Eldon created 17 journals filled with vibrant collages of his adventures and thoughts.  

While Dan's photos are works of journalism, his journals are works of art; a celebration of adventure and a testament of desire to live life to its fullest. Now through his art, sense of adventure and creative activism, his journey continues.  And if the journey truly is the destination, then Dan Eldon has certainly arrived.

Dan Eldon Birds
Dan Eldon Elephant