What is an Ocean Friendly Garden?
An Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) utilizes the concepts of Conservation, Permeability and Retention (CPR) to keep water onsite and reduce pollution to the ocean from runoff and stormwater:
•Conservation requires reducing irrigation because 30-70% of a household's water is used outdoors and reducing the use of garden chemicals. Using less water creates a drier landscape, which allows the garden to hold more rainwater. By reducing or eliminating pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer, landscaped areas will not contribute toxic chemicals to the water that runs off a landscape after a storm. This can be achieved by using native plants that are naturally adapted to Malibu's climate and require very little water, and by using non-toxic alternatives to traditional fertilizers and pesticides, like compost and integrated pest management.
•Permeability increases a landscape's ability to slow and hold water in order to allow the water to sink into the ground, which feeds the plants and ground water, instead of rushing across a hard impervious surface. Permeability can be achieved by increasing landscaped areas, maintaining healthy soils, and opting for permeable or semi-permeable hard surfaces (brick, stone, decomposed granite) in your yard and driveway instead of concrete.
•Retention involves strategies that allow landscapes to collect water by capturing and storing it for later use. Retention methods often include bioretention basins, infiltration trenches, or rooftop rainwater collection systems.

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