Events and Festivals

Chumash Day                                                
Chumash Day is a two-day Native American Powwow that takes place in April every year. Celebrating 24 years in 2024, Native Americans representing tribes from all over West and Southwest States will gather at Malibu Bluffs Park in the Spring. Native American dancers wear colorful regalia while they dance in the sacred circle that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Traditional foods and arts and crafts vendors are also a part of this free event.  

Malibu Library Speaker Series
The Malibu Library Speaker Series will resume when in-person events can occur. The Malibu Library Speaker Series features experts in a variety of subjects designed to appeal to a broad section of the community. Speakers were selected based on categories such as the Entertainment Industry, Literature, Science, Motivation, the Arts, Education, Sports, Travel, Food, and the Environment. Lectures are free and open to the public. Space is limited, and an RSVP is required.

Malibu Poet Laureate
Malibu Poet Laureate Nathan Hassall was appointed by the City Council on August 28, 2023, to serve as the 2023 - 2025 Poet Laureate. For more information on Poetry events in Malibu, visit the Malibu Poet Laureate webpage.

Past Events and Festivals

Concert on the Bluffs

The City of Malibu and Malibu Cultural Arts Commission worked with local businesses, musicians and top industry professionals to bring a world-class concert experience to Malibu Bluffs Park in 2017 and 2018.  
Salon Series

The Salon Series was a discussion and exhibition program in which local artists can communicate and discuss their artwork with participants, as well as explore the meaning and context behind the artwork’s creation. This program allows local artists to share their artwork, as well as promote the local arts community through engaging the public in an intimate setting of less than 35 people.